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Our Rental Traffic Marketing program will cost 50% less than Paid Google Ads and generate 75% more leads.

Iconic has developed a proven system we refer to as Rental Traffic Marketing, (RTM), that will help gain substantial qualified “Organic” search traffic for your company website.  We will describe how this works in more detail below, but first it is important to understand key difference between paid Google Ads versus organic or “Natural” search traffic results.

 80% of people searching on Google simply skip the paid ads and jump below to the organic search results.  According to (Moz) studies, organic Google search results from a desktop produce 20 times more clicks than Paid Per Click (PPC) Ads and 10 times more clicks with mobile organic searches than PPC ads. This means for every 1,000 clicks with PPC, an organic search averages 20,000 clicks from a desktop computer and 10,000 clicks with an organic search from a mobile phone.

 Additionally, the average PPC conversion rate across all industries is about 3.75% compared to the average of 11%- 28% for Organic conversion rate in the top three organic search results.

Lead Generation for franchises

Google metrics are clear. Organic Search traffic/leads vastly outperform PPC leads in quality and volume. Most businesses owners and marketing firms already know this intuitively. Unfortunately, they are still forced to use expensive PPC campaigns because the traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process could take over a year to develop leads because of rankings from the organic search. Or worse, spend thousands trying and never achieve the first pages search results due to high competition for a keyword phrase.

Our Rental Traffic Program Explained

Iconic has developed an innovative solution we call Rental Traffic Marketing, (RTM). This is lead generation created from “Referred” traffic to your website based on actual organic search results for your products or services in your specific region.

 Yelp and HomeAdvisor are examples of lead generation companies that practice this business model. (Sometimes via paid advertising). The key to their success is having a massive website seen by Google with a great deal of credibility. With thousands of pages stretching across the U.S. it makes it easier for these company websites to rank quickly in local search results based on their domain authority.

Over the past 20 years, our team has successfully developed a similar concept that works for businesses in ALL vertical markets. However, we do not sell the leads, rather we rent (or lease) an entire website that generates first page results and all the traffic generated from that site is redirected to your website.



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